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Jan 4, 2013

Flash Updater tried to Install MacAfee

The Adobe Flash Updater on this laptop just tried to auto install MacAfee Anti Virus on my system. It didn't ask, it just started downloading it. Do you know what kind of havoc having two Anti-Virus applications on one machine causes? We will call this strike one Adobe. Three strikes and you are out.

It is bad enough having to always uncheck the MacAfee option when downloading Flash from its main site. When the MacAfee add-on product becomes more important than your own Flash product, it would seem you have your priorities messed up.

Adobe almost made me as mad as Facebook did on Sunday. After receiving a text message spam on my cell phone (which for all intents and purposed is unlisted) I discovered that Facebook had made my cell phone number and my e-mail address public!!! I can assure you I check my privacy settings and I did not do that. So if you use Facebook, check your account information and see what the settings are for your phone and e-mail.

In my case, I removed the phone number completely and set the e-mail address back to Friends only.

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