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Nov 16, 2012

iPad Mini and Mercury Browser

Well my iPad Mini showed up yesterday and I spent most of last night setting it up. First impressions: the fonts are too damn small. The default font size in Safari is too small for my 40ish eyes and there appears to be no way to change them. Well at least, no easy way to change them. Note that I did go into the accessibility settings and changed the font size there, but apparently that has no effect on Safari.

So if you are like me, get the Mercury Browser for iOS. There is a free and pro version for $0.99. Spend the buck and help the developers. Anyway, the browser supports changing the font size easily in the UI. So I am surfing again happily.

Now the Google Nexus 7 with Android has a global font setting under Accessibility that is actually "global". Although, it appears you do not have as much control over font size in 4.2 as you did in 4.1. There is only one "large" font option whereas before you could pick between "large" and "very large".

Back to the iPad mini. The form factor is really nice. No issues with the screen. It looks great to me and I can't figure out why so many technorati whine about it. The UI is fast and responsive. Siri seems to work fine. YouTube videos look good and sound good.

So is iPad Mini $129 better than a Nexus 7? If you are invested in the Apple ecosystem, definitely. If you are not, the decision may require so more thought. More to come on that subject.
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