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Oct 26, 2012

iPad Mini Goes on Sale

The iPad Mini went on sale today and the delivery date has already been pushed to mid November. And if you want a iPad Mini with LTE support it is worse, not available until November 23 at the earliest.

I think I will end up getting one. It would be nice to have a smaller form factor and lighter device for traveling. Not that the iPad is that much of a burden but add that to my laptop and the weight starts to add up. But, if you have two ultralight devices, then things might work really nice. But heck, it is so nice traveling with a 3G or 4G iPad. The battery life, the wireless connectivity, it is just really useful to have with you.

I do want to see one in a store before I buy one. The mini sounds amazing, but methinks for that amount of cash, one should test it out first. :)
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