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Sep 4, 2012

iPad/iPhone Dictation Commands for Apple and Dragon

Over the weekend one of the things I looked into was trying to figure out ways to make my tablet and smartphone more useful. In effect, how can I use these devices to create content. To that point, using voice dictation seems to be one of the better ways to input text.

However, there are some tricks one needs to learn to accomplish tasks beyond the very basic. Mainly, these are related to punctuation, capitalization, end of line, and space related issues. For example, how do I:

  • Add a period at the end of a sentence.
  • Insert a space before a sentence or a number.
  • Start a new paragraph.

Some searching produced a couple of different resources.

Dragon Dictation's FAQ under Usage and Commands is a good place to start. It covers all the punctuation and the end of line and capitalization. Much to my surprise, when I looked up the Apple Siri and dictation commands they are pretty much the same. So here is the table of commands I came up with.

Apple and Dragon Dictation Voice Commands

Character/Action Voice Command Comments
New Line New Line Adds one new line after the current.
New Paragraph New Paragraph Adds two new lines after the current.
Space Space Bar Adds a space at the current position. Works best when spoken like one word.
Cap Cap Capitalizes the next word.
Cap All Words Caps On Capitalizes each word until you say "caps off".
No Caps No Caps No words are capitalized until you say "No Caps Off".
All Caps All Caps On All words are in all caps until "All Caps Off".
No Caps No Caps On No words are in caps until "All Caps Off".
No Spaces No Space On Prevents any spaces from being created until "No Space OFf".

Apple and Dragon Dictation Punctuation Voice Commands

Punctuation Voice Command Comments
& "ampersand" or "and sign"
. period
: Colon
? Question mark
! Exclamation Point
, Comma
= Equal sign
@ At sign
/ forward slash or slash
- hyphen
' "begin single quote" or "open single quote" To close: "end single quote" or "close single quote"
" "begin quote" or "open quote" To close: "close quote" or "end quote"
( "left parenthesis" or "open parenthesis"
) "right parenthesis" or "close parenthesis"
% percent sign
$ dollar sign
# Pound sign
° degree sign
* asteric Emphacising the "ik" sound singular seems to work best. If I phonetically sound like the correct spelling "asterisk" with an "ix" sound, I tend to get the word "asterix".

I have also put the dictation commands in a permanent location so I can continue to update them.

Hopefully, this is just the first on several posts on the subject of making your tablet and smartphone more useful.
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