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Jul 18, 2012

Create your own Evening Newspaper

Ever want to make your own Drudge Report or similar news site? ReadWriteWeb has a story on Mule Design, a web consulting company, that decided to do just that. They wanted to create a daily summary of news that emulated the evening additions published by newspapers. So instead of creating a super busy mess, like most news sites, they created Evening Edition.

Evening Edition is a very simple site with only a handful of stories listed. The excellent design makes the site easy to read. Definitely a concept worth emulating. And heck, anyone could come up with a similar design and start their own evening addition. Which would be kinda cool.

Now I am not convinced this is a huge break-thru that will save all newspapers. However, I think it does highlight the fact that often, less is more. I am struck at how awful most newspaper sites and newspaper apps generally are. The designs are busy with pop overs and pop unders and text everywhere. Just think how much more traffic they could get if they emulated this design.
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