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May 14, 2012

A Personal Computer for $35? Meet the Raspberry-PI

Linux LogoA $35 computer? Well that is what the Raspberry-PI (RP) is. Created by an education foundation in the UK, the RP is a fully functioning computer on a board the size of a deck of cards. There are a couple of Linux distros available to run your new tiny powerhouse.

$35 Really?
Well sort of, you still need to buy a keyboard, a mouse, a power supply, and an SD Card for your hard drive. So you really are looking at more like $100. But it still is a really amazing achievement.

Well PCs now are fairly inexpensive where a basic machine from Dell or HP goes for $300 dollars. But $100? That really changes things if you ask me. Computers become really affordable for anyone. And given the size, you can create specialized devices to say control your heating system, or security system, or any number of other tasks.

Stories with Pictures
I found a couple of stories with pictures of the actual computer, check it out.
The Australian
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