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May 14, 2012

Google News worth Another Look

Google LogoHave you looked at Google News recently? I had not in a while and was surprised by the improvements after using the system for a while.

The main thing that is different is you can customize a lot of stuff. You can choose which news sources you prefer so those are favored over others. You can also add new categories to the list of topics on the left. This is a bit hit and miss. For example, I added a category for Java which seems to work pretty good. However, when I added JavaScript, I received a number of stories that had a JavaScript error message in them. That was a bit of a hoot.

Trending Topics
One other feature that I really like is how trending topics are incorporated. If you click on "Technology" for example, under that heading a list of the current trending topics related to tech are displayed. This is a great use of their search data and very useful.

So check it out, it is another good data point when looking for the latest news in tech.
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