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Mar 25, 2012

iPad 3/new iPad One Week Review

iPhone iPad pictureWell it has been about a week with the new iPad, here are my impressions.

Retina Display
It does indeed look great. But not "that" great. I still think my old iPad looks pretty good. Also, some web sites are freaking microscopic on this thing. There does not seem to be a simple way to make the default view for all web pages a 110% or 120% zoom level. This is a great feature on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on the desktop. You can use the built in Accessibility Zoom feature to help with this. But I feel like this make web browsing so much clunkier.

Voice Dictation
Yes, you have have voice dictation available any place you can use a keyboard. It seems to work very well. This seems like a big deal and I don't remember it getting much coverage in the media. This is much bigger than full Siri support if you ask me.

Wifi Hotspot
In the US, you can make your iPad into a Wifi hotspot if you get the Verizon 4G version. Sure my iPhone can do this too. But not nearly as long as it has a lot less batteries in it. AT&T is not supporting this feature and has no ETA for its availability. (Complete madness! They must have known for months about the feature. Not to offer it and then no ETA. Unbelievable!) Originally, I purchased an AT&T 4G iPad, only to find out on launch day this feature would not work. But fear not, you can take your crappy AT&T 4G iPad to an Apple store and exchange it for a Verizon version. That is exactly what I did.

So far so good. More updates to come.
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