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Feb 16, 2012

3 Great New Tech Sites on the Web

Internet IconThree cheers for corporate bureaucracy! Thanks to a few buyouts and mergers a few web sites have been spawned much to our benefit.

The Verge
Josh Topolsky and these Engadget refugees have set up a really nice gadget and tech web site. A different kind of design for their site, but I like it. It sort of melds a newspaper layout with a web page. I like the look and the content.

Sarah Lacey left TechCrunch to create this site. The focus is on cool new web sites and businesses. A nice clean interface and a lot of good information.
Gina Smith left the new to start this site. Thanks corporate overlords for unleashing Gina and gang. Lots of good writers (including John C Dvorak and Jerry Pournelle) and good stories.
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