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Nov 3, 2011

Finally Saw "The Social Network"

Well I finally saw "The Social Network" movie about the founding of Facebook. First let me say, the only Hollywood cliche missing from the movie was a chase scene. Geez, since when was Silicon Valley so cool! Fancy night clubs, Victoria Secrets models everywhere. A far cry from getting a beer at the Tied

The movie seems to be taken mostly from the vantage point of co-founder Eduardo Saverin. According to the movie, he was screwed out of his 30% stake in the company just because Mark Zuckerberg could. But according to this story, there is another side to things.Apparently Eduardo stayed to finish school and this really hampered Facebook's ability to obtain funding and move forward. In addition, he put free advertising on Facebook for a job site he created on his own.In this context, Zuck's decision makes a lot more sense. Someone with a 30% share of the company really needs to be all in.

On the whole a good, but not a great movie. I think startups are fun places to work. Just not fun in the rock star sense like the movie portrays. Friday keggers are much more likely than, club night with the Victoria's Secret girls.
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