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Aug 5, 2011

Khan Academy and Online Learning

Internet IconThis month's Wired magazine has a article on Khan Academy. It is a web site focused mainly on learning math. I have heard a bit about it, but the Wired story has all the details.

Wired: How Khan Academy is Changing the Rules of Education
Khan Academy

The site features videos with a conversational voice over by presenter and site creator Sal Khan. Sal draws the math he is talking about while you watch. Couple this with a number of practice exercises and you have a very effective learning tool.

Often in the learning world, our content tends to be too formal. Professionally done e-learning with its scripts and voice actors in the end, just isn't that approachable. In a word, it is not fun. Khan makes math fun. Something we all could learn from.

This site make a great supplement to any math curriculum.
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