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Aug 3, 2011

Barnes and Noble Removing Store from Nook iPhone App

I have been wondering for some time how Barnes and Noble and Amazon were going to handle the new terms of service on the App store. Essentially, you can only include a store in your app if Apple gets a cut.  Well here is Barnes and Nobles approach to the problem.

We're writing to let you know about important changes to
the NOOK for iPhone app. Due to Apple's new rules, you
can no longer shop for NOOK Books within the app.

But don't worry, just open your browser and go to to shop the world's largest
bookstore. You'll find an incredible selection of books to
enjoy on your iPhone.

• Shop more than 2 million books
• Sample books FREE
• Choose from more than 500,000 free books

Every book you buy will automatically appear in your
NOOK library on your iPhone.

Simple yet effective. No lawsuit or anything like that. Checked the URL and there is indeed a mobile store there. Will Amazon follow suit?

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