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Jul 11, 2011

Evernote Feedback - Need Sync Indicators

Internet IconI couldn't find any easy way to give the Evernote folks some feedback so I will try here. I need to write a longer post as more of a review having used it for a month now, but that can wait.

Evernote User Interface Request
Please provide a simple visual indicator that tells me.
(1) I have synced and am up to date.
(2) I need to sync
(3) Evernote can't connect to the sync server currently.

The real problem right now is my new iMac is so fast, I can't see if I have synced or not. The status text disappears too fast. (Okay, I'm bragging a little bit now. :) How about a Green icon when all synced up. Yellow when I need to sync. Red when sync isn't available? Thanks for your attention.
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