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May 31, 2011

Behold, the iCloud Cometh

A number of stories today on the new iCloud service to be offered by Apple. The announcement is planned for next Monday's WWDC keynote along with details on OS X Lion and iOS 5.

Initial indications are that iCloud provides online music storage like the Amazon and Google cloud offerings of the last few weeks. The main difference is that, Apple will be able to read your library and make the music you have purchased available without requiring an upload. Services like this were provided in the 1990s, but all were sued into bankruptcy by the music labels.

I don't see an online library and player as that big a deal. We already have an infrastructure built around the iPhone and iPod. So being able to play music from the net seems a bit redundant and not all that useful.

What we really need is the ability to sync all our devices from a central location. I want to put my music files and movies in one place in cloud. Then, use that master copy to keep all my devices synced. Hopefully that is what will be announced. But somehow I doubt the entertainment industry is ready to go that far.

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