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Mar 22, 2011

Where is the Insert Key on Mac Metal Chiclet Keyboard?

I ran into a problem this morning. I needed to edit the command line in Windows 7 and insert some text. On a Windows/PC keyboard this is easy, just hit the Insert key.

However, I am using a MacBook Pro with an Apple brushed metal chiclet USB keyboard. There is no Insert Key. On older Mac Keyboards you could just use the Help key. But there is no Help key. lol. The answer is in the help documentation, but its buried deep. So here it is.

Insert Key on Mac Keyboard

Old Mac Keyboards: Help key
New Mac Keyboard: Function-Return

You could call it Function-Enter too, but my keyboard says "Return" on the enter key. Anyway, works like a champ for me. Thought I would share to save some other people a little time.
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