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Mar 21, 2011

This is the MacBook Air Alternative You've Been Looking For: Lenovo X120e

Yes folks, this is the MacBook Air alternative you have been looking for.

Lenovo X120e

Ever since the MacBook Air came out last fall, I have been looking for a comparable PC alternative. Don't get me wrong, the MacBook Air is a wonderful machine. Fast, amazingly light, and elegant, the Air has everything you want in a laptop. However, after configuring the Air with everything I want, the machine costs north of $1500. Ouch!

The Lenovo X120e provides a PC/Windows 7 alternative. With models starting at $399 and $449, the X120e provides a lot of the bang for the buck. Features include:
  • AMD Fusion E-240 or E350 Dual Core Processor with build in GPU (Deep Dive into Processor Here)
  • 11.6" Matte Screen. Yes folks a matte screen! (For those of us who use our screen for reading and not combing our hair.) The 1366x768 resolution screen is sharp and clear.
  • At 2.93 lbs, its super light. Not quite as light as the 2.3lbs of an Air, but close enough.
  • Super responsive keyboard. This is the nicest ultra-portable keyboard I have encountered. A springy feel and a really nice layout.
  • Battery life is really good. About 3 hrs on the 3 cell and twice that on the 6 cell. With the included utilities, power consumption is very configurable. So you can get a little more life or a little less depending upon the configured power consumption.
  • A really solid feel to the system. Everything feels sturdy, from the keyboard to the screen hinge.
  • Choice of Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit.
So those are the highlights as I see them. The only feature I would like to see added is a backlit keyboard. But the Air does not have that feature either.

Anyway, if you are looking for an ultra portable laptop you can carry around all day on those long business trips, give this machine a look. I think you will like it.
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