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Mar 22, 2011

Samsung's Galaxy Player - Android-based iPod Touch

iPhone iPad pictureHands on with Samsung's Android-based Galaxy Players | Crave - CNET

Samsung hosted a hands on event last week introducing the Galaxy Player 4" and 5" devices. These are Android based iPod Touches. All the features of an iPod, just bigger.

It surprises me how long it has taken the Android hardware manufacturers to come out with devices like this. I would love to have an Android device to try out. However, spending $600 or more to buy a full featured phone that I do not need, seems a bit foolish to me. A $200 or $300 Wifi based iPod Touch device makes a lot more sense. There has to be thousands of developers and gadget hobbyists out there like me.

Anyway, more updates to come as we still do not have a price or release date.
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