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Mar 15, 2011

North Denver iPad Supply Intel Report

iPhone iPad pictureDue to work and family obligations, I was unable to wait in line for an iPad 2 on Friday. So starting about 5:15pm I hit my first North Denver store. I didn't get an iPad 2 but I did talk to a lot of people.

  • Target stores got 5 Wifi-only iPad 2's each. I checked 2 stores and both had the same number of iPads and sold out in about 5 minutes.
  • AT&T got ZERO iPad 2's!  I was surprised. As opposed to Target the salesman there thought they would only receive 3G iPads, no Wifi.
  • Select Walmart stores got over 100 each. The store near my house got none. The sales person there thought that stores would only get single digit ships after the initial release.
  • The Flatirons Crossing Apple Store got several hundred (200 to 300) and sold out very quickly.
Based on this information put in an online order in the Apple store. I think the iPad 2 is gonna be very hard to come by in the near term.
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