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Feb 16, 2011

Get a Web Link to an iPhone or iPad App on App Store

iPhone iPad pictureOne thing I really wish Apple would do is provide a Web based interface to its App Store. Let's be honest kids, the iTunes store interface just sucks. Its hard to find stuff, it can be really slow, and its down a lot (although the last two of those issues seem to be much better of late.). I know there is a web page for each app, but how in the world do I find it?

Well I just found it. So I'm sharing.

To get a Web page link to an app, do the following.
  1. Start iTunes.
  2. Navigate to the App you are interested in.
  3. In the upper left hand corner of the screen, you will see the app icon and a little button below it. The button will say "Free App" or the prices "$1.99 Buy". Just to the right of that is a little arrow.
  4. If you click that you will see this popup list.
  5. Pick your favorite way to share the link and the link is created and posted to the communications system of your choice. The "Tell a Friend" option, simply sends an e-mail with the link.
For example, here is a link to the new MacWorld iPad App:
A bit verbose, but somewhat understandable.

That's it. Link away kids!
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