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Feb 22, 2011

Apple Earbud Cheat Sheet

Ever forget the commands for those fancy earbuds from Apple? Well Blue Sky Workshop is here to help. Here is a small table showing all the click commands for the Apple ear buds.

The link below the table is special. If you click it and bookmark it on your mobile device, you will have the commands listed in the table stored locally on your device. This is possible because all the data for the table is stored in the bookmark using an HTML trick. So if you need a ear bud cheat sheet for your mobile device, enjoy!

Action Commands
Play/Pause Press center button
Vol Up Press plus or top button
Vol Down Press minus or bottom button
Skip Double click center
Fast Forward Double click and hold second click
Skip Back Triple click
Rewind Triple click and hold last click
Answer Call/Hang Up Click center button
Deny Incoming Call Hold down center for 2 seconds

Click this link and bookmark to view this document offline

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