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Jan 10, 2011

Verizon iPhone will have Unlimited Data Plan

iPhone iPad pictureAll Things D is reporting that the Verizon iPhone will have an unlimited Internet data plan. This differs from the AT&T which now as a monthly cap of 2G.

This will be another reason for the AT&T haters to make the switch. On the flip side, maybe AT&T will change its plan back or increase the data cap a bit. One can hope. :)

Practically speaking, it is actually pretty hard to reach that 2G cap. My iPhone is almost always on Wifi and I have found my usage is normally under 100 Megabytes. I supposed if you streamed music and video all the time, you could eat that up pretty fast. But I think you would be recharging your iPhone all the time if that were the case. Anyway, I'm sure the free market will figure out an appropriate data cap.
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