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Sep 28, 2010

No More Web Jobs?

Internet IconNo more web jobs? What?!?!?? It seems a few days ago Smashing Magazine posted this article hailing the end of all Web Design jobs. It seems the articles author thinks in the future, only Facebook, Twitter, and mobile apps will matter. Why would anyone use anything else? :)

Thankfully, Smashing allowed web designer Michael Aleo to post a rebuttal stating why there will be web design jobs for years to come.

So I would like to make a couple of points on the premise of the original article.

First, let me say, don't get caught up in labels. Back in the day, everyone wanted to hire a "webmaster". Well for the most part that job title has gone away, but there are still plenty of jobs. Designer is just one title and if that title goes away, the fundamental skills will always be in demand.

Second, in my opinion, Twitter and Facebook are just better versions of chat clients like AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). Sending updates on what you ate for lunch is the future of the Net?  I think not. Am I gonna buy books on Twitter?  Buy clothes on Facebook? Once again, I think not. They are niche apps and their total domination of all things Internet is far from certain.

Finally, what technology are all those iPhone apps based on?  Mostly web/browser based technologies. Mobile devices will change the Web and the Net. But replace it? I don't think so.
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