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Jun 17, 2010

Check Your Qwest DSL Download Speed on a Regular Basis

Well I just found out my DSL modem was running at 1.5 Mbps when I have been paying for 5 Mbps. Finally, got hold of tech support and they had me reset my modem and voila, back to 5 mbps. Apparently, Qwest modems can "randomly" do this and it is up to me to check my connection speed on a regular basis to make sure my modem hasn't reset its speed!

Is this any way to treat your customer who is paying hundreds of dollars a year for your service? Plus the first tech support person I got hung up on me (no profanity from me or anything, 2nd tech support person was very nice). So I'm a little angry about the whole thing. This doesn't sound like a "random" thing to me. Sounds more like a good way to throttle your customers without their knowledge. How much have I overpaid for my service over the last couple of years?

Anyway, I found this simple bandwidth test that seems to be easy to use and pretty accurate:

If you are a Qwest DSL customer, run the test and make sure you are getting your money's worth.

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