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May 26, 2010

iPad: SimpleNote is the Note App You are Looking For

Ever since I got an iPhone, I have been looking for a replacement for Notes apps. The app only syncs with Mac Mail or Outlook, neither of which I use. What I need is a notes app that can sync to the Net. The app should allow me to add notes from any desktop machine, notebook, phone, or iPad and sync them to all the devices.

Well SimpleNote does that, and it does it very well. Nothing fancy about this app. You just get a box you can type in. The first line is the title, the rest just text.

On the iPad, SimpleNote looks something like this:

The title of your notes on the left. And the text associated with the selected note on the right.

In the iPhone, the interface is simpler. Just click on the note title brings up the note. Here is a snapshot.

The syncing is truly amazing. Just bring up SimpleNote on whatever platform you are using, bing, you have the latest and greatest notes. This is an app everyone should have.
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