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May 19, 2010

iPad: GoodReader is really good for PDFs

Hey iPad fans out there. I have been looking for a good PDF reader and I have finally found one. Get GoodReader for $1. It reads not only PDFs, but .txt files, Word files, and a number of other formats.

For the iPad, its the best thing out there. It actually creates a Table of Contents for most PDF documents. Which is a requirement for most large documents and is a feature left out of most PDF readers for the iPad. You can size documents with gestures which is nice. My only complaint is you navigate through documents my clicking at the top and bottom of a page which is counter to the prevailing standard of clicking left on right for most other readers on the iPad. When I have time I can hopefully provide a better review. But for now, if you need to read PDFs, get this app!!!!
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