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Feb 13, 2010

Win7Tip: Turn Off Auto Logoff and Logon

Q: After 15 minutes of inactivity, my Windows 7 laptop logs me off the machine. My screen saver settings do not require a password. How and where do I turn this off?

A: This "feature" is not part of your screen saver settings. As you might guess, it is part of your energy settings.

  1. Navigate to your screen saver settings.
    1. Right click on the desktop.
    2. Select Personalize from the popup menu.
    3. Click on the Screen Saver Icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  2. Click on the Change Power Settings link.
  3. This should bring a list of power plans for your machine.
  4. Click on the Change Plan Settings option for the currently selected power plan.
  5. The Edit Power Plan settings dialog is displayed. You can set all sort of power related options here. (But we must dig deeper. )
  6. Click on the Change Advanced Power Setings option.
  7. This brings up the Advanced Power Options dialog. At the top of the dialog, you should see a Require Password on Wakeup Option. This is the setting that is logging you off your machine. But the options are grayed.
  8. To change the Wakup setting, click on the Change Settings That Are Currently  Unavailable link.
  9. Clicking on the link enables you to change your wake up options.
  10. Change the wakeup options from Yes to No.
That's it. Your machine should no longer automatically log you off your computer.
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