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Feb 2, 2010

Site Updates

Over the weekend I made some cosmetic updates to the site. You will notice a newer "blue sky-like" header. It adds some much needed color to the site. In addition, I updated the CSS and removed the boxes from the headings for posts. Just wasn't digging the boxes any more. So you will see some lines separating the posts.

Finally, I added a "Lastest Posts" section at the top of the right column. This should allow you to scan the latest posts on the site if you stumbled upon the site with a browser. I using a built in Blogger widget for this. I would really like to have more post headers there and style each line a little bit better. So I may be rolling my own widget to do that in the future.

Update: The widget just isn't working. So you won't see in the right column until I can write my own.
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