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Feb 10, 2010

Google Announces Buzz

Google LogoYesterday, Google announced its now Buzz service. Essentially, this new service will allow you to include your Twitter feeds, RSS Feeds, and Chat all in your GMail Inbox. CNet reviews the concept here.

Since the tool has not been rolled out to my account yet I haven't had a chance to try it. But my first impression is this seems like a bad idea. With e-mail I try to read and process all the messages I receive. Twitter and RSS feeds are completely different. Those I browse for just the stories that interest me. Sometimes I might miss a day or two of the feed. There is simply too much information to read it all. Having this avalanche of data pile up in my inbox does not seem like an improvement to my data browsing habits. But I will reserve further judgement until I have a chance to try it out.
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