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Dec 15, 2009

More Thoughts on Google OS

Google LogoAfter listening to the This week in Google from a few weeks back, I have a better understanding of just what the new Google OS is. It is interesting that Google is targeting the Netbook platform for this OS. With the requirement to essentially have an Internet connection to do anything, this would seem like quite a limitation to me. There are still a lot of places I go with a laptop or netbook where there is no Wifi.

To me a better target might be a really inexpensive desktop replacement. Almost everyone I know now has wifi unless they live in very remote places. The combination of Google Office and OS would meet the needs of about 90% of the folks. Word processing, web surfing, video streaming, social networks, etc.. would all be covered. The only thing I see missing is a replacement for Quicken.

Just think how nice it would be to set up your parents or grandparents on a PC that  is always up to date, gets no viruses and is really easy to use. With a low price that would be a very compelling story.
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