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Jul 10, 2009

Living without an Internet Connection - Thanks Qwest

Just wanted to complain a bit. Thursday at 3:30pm, my phone line went dead for no apparent reason. It wasn't a very hot day. No thunderstorms, no rain. One minute I had a Net connection and a dial tone, the next nothing. That's where the FUN begins.

So I call Qwest to see what is up. Some genius there decided to install an "automated" problem reporting system. Tip to Qwest higher ups, when your phone and Internet goes down, the last thing you want to do is interact with a machine.

So I answered all the machines questions and all it would say is my problem would be resolved by Saturday at 7:00pm. Not being very comforted by the Cylon, later that night I called and got a human. He tested the line and noted it rings and goes to my voicemail, but could not tell if the problem was at my house or not. He had me unplug all my devices and wait a few minutes to see if that cleared the problem. A good try, but it didn't work. So today I have been running around trying to figure out the best place to get some Net.

Later in the day I remembered, Qwest offers free Wifi at some Starbucks around town. Sure enough, I went the the Barnes and Noble in Westminster, entered in some information, and voila!!! Free internet access! And I don't have to buy coffee to use it!

So thanks for the free Wifi! And fix my phone please. :)

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