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Apr 27, 2009

Web Development for the IPhone

Well after running across all the cool iPhone apps Sunday, it got me interested in what you need to develop for the platform. It turns out most of the development looks to be done in Objective C. Lots of detailed information can be found out on the Apple iPhone developer site.

However, being the lazy dude that I am, that looks like far too much effort to me. So I checked out the Web options that are available for the iPhone. This is what I have found so far.

  • Safari Mobile - Apple's official site for Safari mobile development. I know they have some very hot HTML 5 storage options they are implementing in Safari 4.
  • iui - A CSS And JavaScript bundle that allows you to create Web applications for the iPhone. Josh Hewitt provides a detailed introduction here.
  • jQTouch - A new library for integrating JQuery with the iPhone.

The web options look like a much better option for trying things out.

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