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Apr 26, 2009

CSS Thin Table

CSS Button

Here is my write up on how to create a nicely styled CSS table with thin borders. I needed to create a few tables like this for a project at work. It was a lot harder to figure out how to do this than it should have been. I ran into a lot of examples, that never got to the point. So hopefully my write up will help out myself and others in the future.

Here is a sample table in case you are interested

List Order     Book Title Rating Author Remove
1 Top Last Book #1 John Doe
2 Top Last Book #2 Jane Doe
3 Top Last Book #3 Joe Doe
4 Top Last Book #4 Jill Doe
5 Top Last Book #5 John Smith
6 Top Last Book #6 Joe Smith
7 Top Last Book #7 Jane Smith
8 Top Last Book #8 Jill Smith
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