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Feb 4, 2009

Portable USB Drive for Your Mac OSX Virtual Machines

I purchased one of these Western Digital My Passport drives last week for storing virtual machines.
A year or two back, I tried to put my VMWare images on portable Firewire drive I got from the Mac store. For whatever reason, these drives would work for a session or two and then corrupt the VM image. Since getting the My Passport USB drive, it has worked flawlessly. Fast, quiet, and small, a very nice combination of features. So I have posted the above link for anyone interested in doing the same thing. By the way, the drive is roughly the size of an iPhone (just a little bigger). I'm using VMWare Fusion 1.1.3, OS X Leopard 10.5.6, and Windows XP Pro SP3. I plan to put Ubuntu 8.10 on today. And I also plan to start experimenting with VirtualBox. It would be nice to not have to update my VMWare licenses. I think 1.1.3 cost me $100 for 2 licenses, it looks like with version 2, I would need to buy 3 licenses for $250 and I can't seem to find any upgrade discount.
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