Jul 15, 2014

iCal will not Accept Password

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Problem: After changing your password on your CalDAV server, you can not reset the password in iCal. After you change the password in System Preferences or in iCal, the iCal app always prompts for you to enter your password every time you access your CalDAV calendar. You password is always incorrect.

Comments: Clearly, this is a caching problem. The old password is being passed to the server. However, attempts to change the password are ignored.

Solution: Clear the cache. The passwords are stored in OS X Keychain. Open up the Keychain Access tool found in the Applications -> Utilities directory. Delete any references to your CalDAV server. I rebooted for good measure. After that, I connected to my CalDAV server, the new password was cached, and everything worked fine. Woo hoo!

Jul 8, 2014

Some Robots will create iPhone 6

iPhone iPad picture

MacRumors: Check out this story on Foxconn plans for using robots to build the iPhone 6.. According to the story, they are gonna start with 10,000 robots for this model. But even with the robots Foxconn is gonna hire another 100,000 workers for the next generation of the phone. So on Foxconn’s scale, this looks like a small prototyping test. lol.

In the long term though, it does make one wonder about the viability of manufacturing jobs and outsourcing. Will manufacturing come back to the US and Europe in a different form? Mostly robot and folks to operate them? We live in interesting times.

Jun 21, 2014

Swift Learning Information

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Apple announced the Swift programming language during its WWDC the first week of June. Since then, there are more and more information coming out on the topic.

Here are a couple of links where you can find more information.


Jun 11, 2014

Violet Blue goes off on Google+

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Saw this over the weekend about Google+. It is a rant by San Francisco blogger Violet Blue about identity issues related to Google+, and there are many! So I won’t attempt to go into them, as she hit the highlights pretty well.

Trying to eliminate aliases was just a bad idea. Would you prevent Mark Twain from setting up an e-mail account just because that isn’t his real name? It would make more sense to me that if you want to authenticate your identity, offer that as a special service. Then allow users to decide if they want to allow unknown folks to post to their site, G+, or YouTube.

She also mentions the location stuff related to search that is a pet peeve of mine. Sometimes I want to search ALL OF GOOGLE for something. Now if I want to do a search on say web development or job listings, I can only get listings for Denver. Very irritating and a very big bug if you ask me.

Jun 10, 2014

Edge of Tomorrow Quick Review (4/5)

Saw Edge of Tomorrow Saturday at the cineplex. The movie previews pretty much tell the basic story, which is kind of a Groundhog Day premise but in a scifi context. Basically, humanity is staging a sort of D-Day invasion of Europe. Tom Cruises character gets swept up in events and ends up on the beach. Eventually he gets killed and ends up back in the previous day. So now it is his chance to save the world.

The story is well written and makes sense given the world created. There are a nice mix of comedic and dramatic moments throughout the movie. I actually found the ending surprising which is nice for a change. Cruise and Emily Blount are great and perfect for their parts.

My only nitpick is that Hollywood directors DO NOT understand firearms in any way. If you shoot an automatic weapon at an alien and bunch of your fellow soldiers are standing on the other side of the alien, chances are pretty good you just killed the alien and your friends too. Could you guys please hire some vets as consultant so your scenes are somewhat plausible? Geez.

Anyway, overall, a very strong 4 out of 5. Go see it you have a chance, the special effects will be better in a theater.

Swift Looks Interesting

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Sorry for the tardiness of this post. I was doing a pilot last week and was just too busy to get online and post. Anyway, I’m back.

So the Apple Developer Conference was last week in San Francisco. The biggest announcement for me was the Swift programming language. Apple created a new modern programming language that is on equal footing with Objective C.

Introducing Swift

This is great news for anyone who as ever been interested in programming for the Mac or iOS but have been put off by Objective C. Put me in that camp. Objective C has some cool features, but the learning curve is pretty steep. Since most of my time is spent with Java or Web related stuff (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP), that leaves little time to try and pick up other stuff.

A lot folks seem to be comparing Swift to Python, which is a positive sign. Anyway, looks like it may be time to try and make an App! :)

May 23, 2014

Ripe for Disruption

Internet Globe

Here is a nice blog post on the posibilities of disruption on today’s Net. At times it seems like there aren’t any new up and coming companies. Google, Amazon, and the like seem to dominate everthing. But, there are opportunities as outlined in the post.

Amazon has essentially wiped out physical book stores and record/music stores. Even though I love the company and its services, it would be nice to see some small competitors rise up and challenge.